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OFA, CERF, PFK clearances

Born October 24, 2007,              
 Pedigree for Brady

(Ch. Kehre Northgate's My Way, OFA, CERF ex Ch. Northgate's Serendipity, OFA, CERF)
"Brady" was born at Northgate on October 24, 2007.  His star quality was evident from the
beginning, and we knew that we were going to keep both he and his sister, Bitsy.  As he grew
and developed, we were delighted to see that his little white tipped tail never stopped waving!

A show dog must be at least 6 months old to enter a dog show.  We began showing Brady as
soon as there was an available show beyond his 6 month birthday.  That show happened to be
a Specialty put on by the Keystone English Springer Spaniel Club held in conjunction with the
prestigious Trenton Kennel Club all breed show in Trenton, NJ.

At this show, Brady was only 6 months and 10 days old, and was competing against much
older dogs.  To my amazement, "Brady" won Best in Sweepstakes at this Specialty, a very
exciting win for such a youngster!

We believed this would be the start of a fabulous show career for our youngster.  
Unfortunately, in the short term, we were very wrong.

A mere ten days after Brady's big win, he became suddenly critically ill.  He had been given a
newly prescribed NSAID drug (akin to dog aspirin) when he had wrenched his front leg while
playing, and suddenly suffered a very serious adverse reaction to this drug, which nearly took
his life.  

At first we didn't know the cause of his symptoms.  But eventually with the help of vets at
prestigious universities around the country, we determined the cause to be this canine NSAID
drug, which is a sister drug to Vioxx - the human drug that was pulled from the market when
it began causing heart attacks in humans.

While Brady did not suffer a heart attack, his entire blood system was seriously compromised.  
He required a bone marrow biopsy, multiple transfusions, many new drugs, and months of
recovery to survive.

Through months of tests and treatment, Brady never gave up his strong will to live - even
when some of his veterinarians were giving up on him.  He suffered and endured a lot in his
first year of life, but ultimately he made a complete recovery!  His medical story has been
published in several places in our attempt to give back to the animal community, and
hopefully save someone else from going through the horrible struggle to live that Brady went
through.  Thus far we know we have helped save several other dogs by sharing our treatment
regimen to those who suffered similar reactions.

Brady was out of the show ring for an entire year.  Frankly I never expected him to make a
return to showing - his health was my priority and I never gave up on him, or his expensive
medical treatment.

Eventually his improving health, lively enthusiasm and positive attitude encouraged me to
tentatively begin showing him again.  He excelled!  He loves to fly around the ring, proudly
waving his white tipped tail as if it were a banner proclaiming his victory over near death!

In 2009 he quickly completed his UKC championship and has now earned the additional title
of Grand Champion.  He has thus far won 2 all breed Best in Shows, many Groups, and is
ranked at the #1 Top Winning Springer in the country for 2009!

Brady's courage and strength have been amazing, and he is truly one in a million!  Brady will
forever be my "heart dog" and is an amazing inspiration in my life.

We proudly  look forward to Brady's upcoming puppies.
"Brady" - on May 4, 2008 winning Best
in Sweepstakes at 6 months and 10 days
of age.
"Brady" - on May 24, 2008, 20 days after
winning Best in Sweeps.  This photo was
taken after his bone marrow biopsy and
many trips to the ER hospital.
"Brady" on July 19, 2009 - winning one of four Group Firsts
in one cluster of shows
"Brady" on November 1, 2009 shown winning one of his
all-breed Best in Shows