We are proud to share with you a sampling of photos of our puppies, their families and a few of their accomplishments.  

The focus of our breeding program has always been primarily on the physical health and sound temperament of our dogs.  Even though
some of our dogs may become show dogs, the time spent in the show ring  to acquire their championship is usually less than a few
months, then the dogs retire and become normal family members.  Others may become therapy dogs, obedience competitors, or
compete in a multitude of areas to become multi-titleists.  

And, of course, most of our puppies grow up to fulfill the most important role - that of a loving family companion and respectful
guardian of their humans.

We invite you to join these satisfied families and become a new member of our extended Northgate family!!
The Rabago children with their
Northgate pups in Virginia
Murphy Davidson teaching his dad to
swim in Virginia
Jesse and Abby Gilderbloom in NC
Trooper Palagallo in SC
Sophie Trollinger in NC
Bailey Chodrick earning her Rally
Novice title in MO with her dad
Ripley Devine in VA
Pixel Lempicke learning to ring the bell
when she needs to go outside - in NC
Sam Rose with his kids in NYC
Cooper Young with his mom in Boston

Breighton Clay Perez at home in VA
Lucy Rule watching over the family's
sleeping grandchild in MD (right)
Multi-titleist Bailey Brooks in NY, owner trained to many titles
by her mom, Cathy.
Famous and his dad Rich graduating
from Puppy Kindergarten in NC
Stu Kuhn in PA
Hannah Fishman with her
mom in PA
Cassie Cambon with her new
brother and sister in MD
Gracie and Rocky Dewey pups in AL
Trigger and Cody Brill in FL
Merlin Pyrtle in NC
Bailey Barton in PA, trained by her owner and certified in
January 2010 as a Delta Society Therapy Dog
Pip Bain earning her CDX obedience title in NY.
From a champion show dog to
a much loved family pet -
Grady Abel (above left)
completed his championship
and now spends his days
relaxing on his dad's fishing
boat (below).
Lilly Stevens with her dad in SC