NORTHGATE  takes great pride in presenting our two homebred
littermates that recently completed their championships in fine style!

"SHAMUS"    and    "MINDY"
AKC and UKC Ch. Northgate's Going My Way,
CERF - "Shamus"

Finished with 4 majors!

Pictured in April 2010 winning the Eastern ESSC Supported Entry

He also has a Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps at the ESSFTA
Supported MV Cluster from the 6-9 Puppy Class in July of 2009.

Shamus is an all-breed Best Puppy In Show Winner,
breeder/owner/handled - Hampton Roads KC.

FLASH - Shamus is now a UKC Group winner under
AKC/UKC Judge David Kittredge!

Shamus was handled by Rindi Gaudet and his breeder/owner.
(Bobby x Missy)
"Shamus" completing his AKC
championship in 2010 with
breeder/owner Maurisa Payne
Northgate ESS, reg.
"Shamus" earning his first
major in March, 2010 shown
by Rindi Gaudet

AKC and UKC Ch. Northgate's Tell It My Way, CERF -

Litter sister to "Shamus" - finished in June, 2010 with a Breed
over specials and a Group 4 from the classes
(breeder/owner/handled) at Charlottesville/Albemarle KC!

AKC pointed from the 6-9 month class, breeder/owner/handled.

Reserve to a 5 Point major from the 6-9 class at the ESSFTA
Supported Entry in July 2009 (handled by Rindi Gaudet).

BEST in SWEEPSTAKES from the 9-12 class at the Keystone
ESSC Specialty in October, 2009.

Best of Breed over 2 specials from the open class at Chester
Valley KC in May, 2010.

Back to back majors, Best of Breed over specials and Group 4
from the Classes to finish in June 2010!

Mindy was handled by Rindi Gaudet and her breeder/owner.
(Bobby x Missy)
"Mindy" winning her first
points from 6-9 puppy class
with breeder/owner
Their sire, AKC/UKC Champion Kehre Northgate's
My Way,
Owned/Handed by Northgate ESS
Their dam, Champion Northgate's
Time Will Tell,
Winner at "The National Dog Show"
televised on network TV
Bred/Owned by Northgate ESS